89″ x 172″ x 54″
    226 cm x 437 cm x 137 cm


  5 / 1  Swimmer

Stainless Steel Jets:

  39  with Adjustability

River Stream Jets:

  3  Wide tippable


  5  (4 Super Pumps- 1  Low Cost Circulation )

Water Capacity:

  1,500 Gallons
    5,678 Liters

Dry Weight:

  2,300 Lbs
    1,043 Kg

Filled Weight:

  14,818 Lbs
    6,721 Kg




Standard Features

  • Dual Top Side Filtration Filters – 100 Sq. Ft. Lily Super Filtration System – Dirt Lock it High Pleated!
  • Super Arctic Insulation Package to Retain Heat In Winter or Keep Cool in Summer
  • Stainless Hold On Hand Rail for Floatation Against the River Stream Jets
  • Low Bottom Water Color Changing Light, Top Perimeter Lights and Outside Cabinet Corner Lights!!
  • Numerous Inflow Bottom Suction Lines with Safety Covers
  • Independent Hot Tub, Top Side Control
  • Stand Up Work Out Massage Body Jets System… Come with stabilizer hand rails to hold onto!
  • Air Venturi Controls each Swim Jets.  Adds easier and stronger flow, adjustable
  • Independent Air Venturi Controls for each hot tub seat, adds easier and stronger flow, adjustable
  • Wide, Powerful River Stream Jets for Increase or Decrease Current Control in Swim Area… Awesome!
  • Dual and Tri-Neck Massaging Jets
  • Dual Hot Seats with Pulsating Massaging Jets –  messages your back, spine, and back muscle groups
  • Easy Remove, Deluxe Dirt Catching Filters
  • Dual Top Side Filtration entry points
  • Comfortable Pillows (2)
  • Components that Meet Safety Standard
  • Easy Entry Steps (inside)
  • Stainless Safety Handles (4) for grabbing and help stabilize your body
  • 16 Gauge Welded Steel Supports @ bottom perimeter, with cross under, Then Foamed to keep cold out!
  • 16 Gauge Welded Steel Support Frame, Perimeter around top, side upright supports,
  • Heavy Duty Deluxe Swim Spa Cover(s), choice of colors, Comes with Locking key Straps for Safety!
  • Ozone Generator and Purifier, helps kill bacteria -Add our Healthy “Source Choice” Water System keep YOUR Swim Spa Water Clean… Easy to Use!     “NO” Chlorine Needed!
  • Duralife Synthetic Wood Look Alike Cabinet – Maintenance Free – Friendly Poly DuraLife Synthetic Cabinet, Choice of Colors, NO oiling, Coating, Painting ever needed!
  • Deluxe Perimeter Color Changing LED Lighting, Coach Lights & Cup holders – You chose the color!
  • Increase or Decrease Water Flow from Fountains by control feature
  • Las Vegas Spill Over Romance Jets – 6 Illuminated Water Fountains, 4 Color Changing Formats
  • Lucite® Cast Acrylic, resist dirt, mold, and build up
  • Custom Designed Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Massaging Therapy “Adjustable” Jets
  • Super Pack – Digital Smart Controls – 10 different functions and managers,
  • TITANIUM SUPER STRUCTURE – Full Perimeter Metal Welded and Coated  Square Tubing  Super Support Structure that stabilizes your Swim Spa when Swimming and Exercising!
  • ABS Full Poly Insulated Base, helps protects entire bottom, Keeps Bugs, Snakes, Mice out!


  • Deluxe Stereo System With Sub Woofer, Built-in 4 Speakers and WIFI and BlueTooth.
  • Rowing & resistance band accessories Equipment



Cabinet Color